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The Denver Coin Club provides library access to their membership through this website.  All Numismatic Reference materials owned is to eventually be listed in the Libray for access.  These numismatic references will include, but not be limited to,  The Numismatist, The Numismatic Scrapbook, and other references as shown in the attached PDF file.

Members can contact the individual shown on the attached document, and request the book or reference to be brought to the next club meeting.  If the book/reference is to be mailed, the member is responsible for all delivery and return costs.  The book/reference is to be returned within a 30 day period to allow other members access, unless prior arrangements have been made through the Library.

Members checking out the book/reference are fully responsible to maintain it's condition and to see that it is safely returned to the Library in the proper time-frame.  All costs for replacement due to damage or loss is the sole responsibilty of the member utilizing the book/reference.

Please click on the link below to view/print the Library list currently available to members.

As our Library is assembled, this will be updated as necessary.
Note:   Library Info File is in PDF, formatted to print to an 11" x 17" page.
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