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Educational Information

Coin Grading - By one of the Industry Leaders in Coin Grading - ANACS.  Authored by ANACS' Senior Numismatist - J.P.  Martin.   A thorough and informative brochure on Coin Grading in a PDF format file which you can view and/or download.  A must see for all coin collectors/numismatists.

Numismatic Links:
Educational information on the Internet about coins and collecting is abundant. Here are just a few recommended sites. 

United States Mint   An abundance of educational information for coin collectors/numismatists.

American Numismatic Association

American Numismatic Society    The ANS is another important member of the American (indeed, international) numismatic scene. They also have a nicely organized links page with extensive entries.  Lots of research can be done here..

Grading Services:

PCGS - Price Guide - U.S. Coins

Other Sites of Interest:

Colorado-Wyoming Coin Clubs  A listing of Coin clubs in the Colorado/Wyoming area (Updated 11/25/15)

Coin World     The newspaper format weekly that has been around for a long time. Take a peek here for the latest news in the numismatic world

Numismatic News   Another newspaper format weekly that has been around for while. Take a peek here for the latest news in the numismatic world also

Coinsheet Numismatic Links   Is a site with over 1600 links to clubs, dealers, collectors, and other relevant sites

Stanton Books & Supplies This website has more than lots of numismatic books and supplies. They also have a pretty good selection of coin related links. Visit them and take a peek

Exonumia & More A great site for collectors of numismatic exonumia - check it out!!

United States Mint   The official website of our government's money maker. The U.S. Mint site has lots of information on current programs and you can order items on-site.

The Coins of Colonial and Early America   A project of the Gore Numismatic Endowment. Lots of information on early US numismatics. Plenty of higher level material worthy of perusal by researchers, etc.

Celator Home Page    Any interest in ancient coins? This site is chock full of articles and other information of interest to the collector of ancient coins

The Coin Page  Another Coin Links page with much numismatic information and many other numismatic links

COINLINK Coin Collecting  A very informative and up to date numismatic information source.  Lots to look at here.  Spend some time on this site!!

U.S. Silver Coin Weight Conversion  A site to do calculations on the value of your United States silver coinage.  Neat Site... check it out...  Great if you're wanting to buy or sell "junk" silver coins.

COININFO.com     A site showing current precious metals values, and based upon current SPOT prices the value of many World and U.S. coins, as well as values for gold by DWT (pennyweight and grams).

If you have other sites which are of an Educational nature which you would like to see listed here, please send your link/info to us for review and possible addition to our site.  Thanks!

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